Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015: SHINE

In 2015, I choose SHINE as my word. I want to shine bright and big, embrace the light and fill up with joy. I want to go all in for the little things and the big things.

A year of choosing in 2014 meant a year of clearings. Deliberately choosing how I live meant clearing out a lot of junk - literal and figurative. Without all of that junk weighing me down, it was easier to thrive and not just survive.

The biggest clearing in 2014 was emotional - the act of choosing to let go of negative energy, control, worry and anxiety. This clearing allowed me to own my life in a way that I haven’t in a long time and to embrace my authentic self. I’ve been more spontaneous and had a lot more fun this past year. It also let me surrender in many ways. I’ve improved my ability to focus on the NOW and be in the present instead of looking forward to the next thing. I’m learning to trust in the journey and truly believe that the universe will provide. Everything happens for a reason, and I have everything I need to live a happy life. These have been profound shifts for me over the last year. Shifts that have freed up an amazing amount of energy to SHINE and laugh and play and just be happy.

In 2015, I will SHINE by

* finding joy in everyday life

* laughing and smiling often

* embracing my excitement and enthusiasm

* having more dance parties in my kitchen

* nourishing my mind, body and soul

* being generous with my spirit

* being more spontaneous

* nurturing creativity and passion

* being curious, having adventures, learning new things

* being bright and giving out that light!
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