Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January 2015 // Shine Bright // Taiyoko

January started with a late night/early morning dance party in the living room fueled by cranberry shrub cocktails and tapas and ended with an epic powder day on the mountain. It was a good month.

On the first day back to work after New Year's, Andrew texted me to tell me that the contractor working in his building had changed his name from Randy to Taiyoko, which, according to him, means shine bright in Japanese. I took it as a sign.

I started ski lessons on Wednesday afternoons with the women's program at Ski Santa Fe. We meet for eight Wednesdays with our instructor who has promised to push us hard. My goal for the season is to improve my mogul and tree skiing. I'm the youngest person in my class by about three decades so I'm known as the young, aggressive skier. Ha! I find it inspiring to be around older women who are active, independent and who have led fascinating lives. We have a surgeon, a scienctist, an art teacher - all retired, of course. Women who waited until their forties to have kids, and women who are learning to ski moguls in their late 70s. It's a wonderful way to spend Wednesday afternoons, and during this time of year when it's dark so much of the day, it's really boosting my spirits.

My mom visited us this month, and, as we always do when she visits, we indulged a lot. We took long lunches, short hikes south of town, skied all day, soaked at 10,000 waves and ate fancy dinners. It was tons of fun, and I'm hoping that now that both her and my dad are retired, we will get to see more of them.

After years of pondering (and then months of waiting for my appointment), I dyed my hair for the first time in my life and I LOVE it. My hair is now ombre with light, BRIGHT blond ends. What fun to make such a dramatic (for me) change!

Andrew and I did a three day juice cleanse in which we only drank juice for THREE.WHOLE.DAYS! I'm so glad it's over. A new juice shop, actually the only juice shop, opened in Santa Fe. Their juices are like special treats and taste amazing. Three days was a little much though. We decided to give it a try to set us on a good path for doing another Whole30, although this time, I'm not going to be very strict and I'm going to cheat on the weekends so I can ski and when I want to go out with friends. I don't like the social aspect of the Whole30, and I want to be able to say yes to invitations without worrying about avoiding a glass of wine or what I can eat. We're calling it the Sorta60.

Even though skiing is still in full swing, I am dreaming of biking season. We signed up for a training class at our local community center to get us in shape to ride the Santa Fe Century in May. We've been wanting to ride the Century ever since moving to Santa Fe, and somehow six years have gone by without actually doing it. We want to do some bike packing this summer and fall so Andrew is planning and scheming for bags and racks and maybe even a trailer for the dog girls.

These feet can't carry my girl as far as they once could, and I think she would appreciate a cushy lift.
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