Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Getaway to Silver City, NM

Andrew and I recently took a weekend trip to Silver City in southwestern New Mexico, and it was just the ticket to help me feel refreshed and excited for spring. I wanted a quick trip to relax, spend some time outdoors, escape my spring allergies and really feel like we had gotten away from home. It felt so good to get out of town.

We took the scenic route through the Gila National Forest, which is absolutely stunning. Andrew had never been to Silver City, and I was excited to show him the charming little town.

We arrived late in the afternoon and checked into our room at the Murray Hotel, a recently renovated Art Deco hotel from the 1930s. It is still a little rough around the edges as the renovations continue, but I appreciated the fact that they didn't wait until everything is absolutely perfect before opening. We had a cute little corner room on the 4th floor, with a yellow and black tiled bathroom and a tiny closet. I had read reviews that the rooms were small, but it was the perfect amount of space for us.

I thought people in Santa Fe eat early, and in hindsight, it makes total sense that people in an even smaller town would eat earlier too, but I learned that 8:00 pm dinner reservations in Silver City means that you are shutting down the place. It also means that you'll be rewarded with extra food from the chef because it is the end of the last night of weekend service. We did a tasting menu at the Curious Kumquat. This place was highly rated, and the food was quite good, but it was also kind of odd and incongruous. They served us a vegetable tisane in red wine glasses (hello boiling hot water!) with our first course and that seemed downright weird. It was also so abrasive that it detracted from the other courses. I think if the chef had left that out, it would have been a much more enjoyable menu all around. The courses were small and rich and the entrees were enormous. We had plenty of leftovers and ended up having our desserts packed up, which was such a nice treat the next day after biking. We also ate dinner at Cafe 1Zero6. The chef posts the menu a few days in advance and we emailed in our order. We were there for an Italian night, but I would have like to have tried his Thai food. The food was very good and obviously made with love but very rich, and without realizing it, the two entrees we ordered had the same rich white sauce. The service was excellent, and we had a lot of fun chatting with our waiter about good spots for biking in the area. Other food highlights in Silver City included hoagie sandwiches from Diane's Deli and gelato from Alotta Gelato. I enjoyed peppermint bon bon with thin mint Girl Scout Cookie chunks. Yum!

The main focus of our trip was biking and trying some new trails. We wanted to ride trail networks since it was our first rides of the season, and it didn't seem wise to start out on a 25-mile trail straight away. Andrew found two nice networks for us to ride. The first is called Little Walnut and it is a short ten minute drive from town. The best part about this network is that it connects to the Great Divide Trail. It is a dream of Andrew's to ride the entire trail someday, and it was so fun to check it out. Also, we saw a javelina, which made my day! The CDT in this section is a dream, a well maintained, gorgeous trail. I was hoping we'd run into some bike packers, but we didn't see anyone on the trail at all. Where is everyone in Silver City on a Sunday afternoon?? After riding, we had a picnic of champagne, ancho rabbit, mole negro cauliflower, creamy mashed potatoes and kumquat cake with white chocolate under the large Ponderosa Pines. So perfect.

We also rode the Fort Bayard Trail System. We started from the Dragonfly Trailhead, which starts out easy and rolling and then drops down to single track near Twin Sisters Creek. The maps for the main loops were easy to follow, but we set off to explore and eventually ended up at Fort Bayard. We had a picnic under the trees, although this time it was granola bars and shot bloks. These are easy trails, but we love getting out and exploring and it's nice to ride side by side talking and scheming.

For maps, directions and tips, we found the folks at the Gila Hike & Bike to be very friendly and helpful.


  1. Looks like a fantastic trip! The scenery is amazing!

  2. We fixed the wine glass problem almost immediately. I had bought new double wall glasses but forgot to tell my server and so she used the red wine. Perils of a one man kitchen in a small town. Thanks for the comments.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Small world, small internet. Although the tisane was a turn off for me, the food was great. We really enjoyed our meal at your place, and I liked that it felt like we were at someone's house. Our tasting menu was enough for us for dinner one night and a decadent picnic the next day. It was a real treat after a day of biking!

  3. Silver city is a lovely town to visit whenever you need a breath of fresh air. I'm glad that you were able to make your way there, and get the refreshing feeling you were gunning for. At any rate, I hope you can find another trail you can enjoy visiting, as much as that one. Thanks for sharing that, Meghan! All the best to you! :)

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine Casino & Hotel™

  4. what a fun trip!!! i want to go!!!!!! it is so good to get away, try new things, see new places, and revel in it all.

    i am ready for another vacation, stat! so glad you had so much fun on this one!


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