Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 // This is How We Do

April has shaken things up. Past efforts, ideas and energy caught up with us (in a good way) this month. I'm not sure where all the balls that are in the air are going to land, but I'm certain that all this energy flowing is going to bring some big changes! It's so interesting how once you take a leap on one thing, all sorts of other things start unsticking themselves. It's exciting! 

I biked, happy houred, napped in the woods, bowled and sewed. I tidied up my stuff and donated and threw away bags and bags of unneeded things. Life is always lighter with less stuff weighing me down. 

About a year ago, we rearranged our house to have a whole room for working on creative projects in our living room, and this space has been fully used lately. The creative work space has even overflowed into the guest room. It feels good to be growing into our house and really making it work for our needs. 

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