Pedal Speed

One of my favorite ways to get around town is on my bike. I love this bike. It’s an old Gitane road bike that Andrew fixed up for me. Andrew found it at a used bike shop in Albuquerque, and it fits me perfectly.

Isn't it a beauty?  (Please ignore my terrible bicycle photo skills)

I called this blog Life at Pedal Speed because that’s the kind of life I’m trying to live – one slow enough that I can see and experience everything at the speed of a bicycle. Life is slower on a bike and that gives me time to process and savor my experiences.

This doesn’t come naturally to me. I tend to move fast, always trying to do lots of things at once, reluctant to give anything up and always willing to take on new projects. I even like to ride really fast on my bike cruising past cars stuck in traffic and blazing down the bike trail. I’m working on slowing down and deliberately spending my time doing things that make me happier and healthier. Life at Pedal Speed is a conscious decision for me and a welcome challenge.
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